Sterling Silver Sea Glass Drop Earrings - one of a kind

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These gorgeous earrings are handmade using genuine sea glass and sterling silver and they are one of a kind. Six pieces of sea glass have been drilled to make up two stacks which have then been threaded onto diamond shaped head pins and ear wires that have been hand forged by me from recycled sterling silver wire. These dangles hang at a length of 5cm and they are truly eco friendly as they are made from completely recycled materials - surf tumbled sea glass and recycled silver.

The sea glass was collected by me from a local beach in Mornington. Each stack features a blue piece of glass which is quite rare in Australia and a range of other colours including green, yellow and a pale blue.

The glass is exactly as it was when I found it on the beach (except for the drilled holes and a little bit of a clean to remove the sand and excess salt). The colours of the glass may vary slightly to those that you see on your computer screen but I have tried to represent them as accurately as possible.
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