Hello wonderful Hooman!  

I’m Leanne and I am

An Artist – A silversmith – A water marbler – An occasional goldsmith – A workshop facilitator – A wannabe Childrens book author and illustrator – An eco warrior princess – A lover of 90’s Rock – A lover of Tacos

I have always been a creative at heart so having a handmade business is the perfect way for me to get my ‘Art’ out into the world and make a living from it too. 

I am crazy about handmade and the environment and I advocate for them and support them both every chance I get.  I am an eco warrior, that lives a minimal waste, plastic free, low tox life.  This is also carried over into my business I make it as eco friendly and sustainable as possible. 

What I do, why I do it and who I am..

I am a quirky, 90’s rock and taco loving human.  I live with my partner and our rabbit, Jasper, our guinea pig Quincy and our budgies Sherlock and Moriarty in our flat roofed house on the Mornington Peninsula.  I also love watching sport, getting out in the fresh air and travelling and my secret passion is watching CSI and cheesy murder mysteries!

I decided to start a handmade business for a number of reasons.  First of all I love to create and I needed somewhere to sell my pieces because I couldn’t keep everything myself.  I started an Etsy store and made and sold things alongside my day job.  Then I had some health issues and I was also no longer enjoying my day job so I decided it was time to work for myself and I haven’t looked back.  Handmade is an important part of our society.  We need to continue to use traditional methods and create things with out hands so that we can pass this knowledge and these skills on to the next generation.  I hate mass production!  My business is small batch, I don’t create hundreds and hundreds of the same item, instead I make to order or I limit the number of items that I create.  

I am also an advocate for the environment.  We only have one planet so I live my life and run my business with a focus on minimal waste and plastic free.  

How I create my products and how I keep my business as eco friendly as I can.. 

All of my jewellery is designed and handmade by me. Some pieces I make entirely from scratch.  Other pieces I carve or mould the design out of wax, have it cast in silver or gold and then finish it myself by hand.  I don’t have the set up to cast pieces myself so I need to send them to my caster but all the design and finishing work is done by me.  The majority of my jewellery is eco friendly and made from recycled silver (and gold where possible) with the exception of some gold filled pieces and most of my cast items.  My jewellery is designed to last you a lifetime and not be fast fashion pieces that end up in landfill.

I mostly use watercolour for my art pieces and I love Arches cotton paper so I use it in quite a lot of the art I produce.  The reason I use watercolour is because it is a little bit more eco friendly than acrylic paint.  Acrylic paint is made using petrochemicals and it dries as plastic so I try not to use it often due to the plastic waste and the production methods used to make it.  I print some of my artwork myself but I also offer my artwork through print on demand sites.  I use POD because they only print what is needed and they ship directly to the customer rather than shipping it to me and then shipping it to my customer.  This cuts down mine and my customers carbon footprint. 

I started as a self trained silversmith/goldsmith but did a bit of formal training so that I could hone my skills.  I am all for self training but there is so much wonderful knowledge out there and you ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ so it is often beneficial to pay for some classes and learn from someone that knows their stuff.  The classes I have taken have allowed me to learn things I wouldn’t get from Google and YouTube and they have given me the confidence to create pieces that I would normally have been out of my comfort zone.  I am also a self trained artist – apart from some art in high school and the odd drawing or painting class on a weekend.  I started my water marbling journey through free tutorials and videos but when it comes to marbling there are so many variables so I did some online training with Barb Skoog and it was the best investment I could have made.