I can find free information on Google or YouTube, why should I pay for a course?

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard people tell their friends they can learn it for free.  I have even had people tell me to my face (or via email or direct message) that my workshops are too expensive or they don’t want to pay to do a workshop with me because all the information is available on Google and YouTube and it will not cost them a thing.  If you really don’t want to part with your money then go ahead and learn for free using tutorials and information on Google or YouTube.  After all, people create them so you can learn from them.  I have watched plenty of YouTube videos and read plenty of blog posts and free tutorials and there is a lot that I have learned through trial and error, but paying for a course here and there has also saved me money in the long run.

When it comes to creating art and jewellery I am mostly self taught but I invested money in a few courses for a number of reasons.  I was able to check with the teacher/instructor that I was doing things correctly.  You can’t ask a YouTube video a question (well, you can but you will not always get an answer from the creator of the video and if you do you are not likely to be able to ask a heap of extra questions and get answers to them all)

 But, be prepared to watch tons of videos and read tons of blog posts.  And be prepared to read all the information on that post that contradicts the information you read on the last post which contradicts the information you saw in the YouTube video you watched yesterday.  There will be videos and tutorials that show you how to start something but not how to finish it, blog posts that show you how to do it but don’t tell you the names of the tools or the fact that it needs to be at a certain temperature or it needs a special additive or it takes 17 hours to dry.